Monday, 24 July 2017

Above the Earth

It was algebra class 
Mr. Wallace
I'd been gone
Somehow I'd made it
Suddenly a shout 
He has a gun.  
Running, screaming.
I saw him.

Found a phone. 
Dialed 911
they put me on hold.
He's here.
More running, screaming.
Outside, scattered
my feet too heavy
to lift.

He followed, not alone.
A girl.
Look at how frightened 
they are!

I climbed a brick wall
fell into a ditch.
The girl took the gun
shot me in the heavy
Aimed again

I crawled away.
Limped through a
cemetery full of
Went down side streets
through empty houses
until, at last 
almost home.

But like the boy
I was no longer alone.

The girl 
she walked beside me
her eyes queer and scary.
I tried to make small talk
the weather. 
She listened
said nothing.

Into my house.
No help.
Crept up the stairs
called the police 
She's here.

I am still holding the phone.
She is standing in the doorway.
Did you call the police?
Oh no.
Just talking to
a friend.
She doesn't believe me.
Why should she?
She comes over
whispers into my ear
Don't do it.
Think of all the lives 
you are about to

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