Thursday, 13 July 2017

In This World

Where is                                  here I am        

gone home without you

when I would rocket from the world
out of an ocean impossibly asleep                                     

is the rain your final call

because I am wondering what this was for
why you ever loved me
why you do not anymore

there is no witness here
only ghosts of words that nudged into breath

the shape of a fool      shivering and wet       

your blanket thrown over the bed one cold night too late
 my eyes, heavy with dreams 

but you—                  
very much awake

how I welcomed the chance to be wrong

to never ask why you had to leave
why you had to come at all

was it to drift away from this eroding shore

or was it
not wanting to be sorry
not wanting to be felt sorry for

one last secret for memory to keep

Now our half-truths ship out
under cover of a cloud-filled sky
the sun you once spoke of
never any friend of mine
can you feel it rain
can you?          

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