Friday, 28 July 2017

Yesterday Visions

I wish I could be cleaner that I could stand up
I would stand up and tear
out pages that make me sad
but there is no reason to give up anymore
the dragon in the elevator is our friend
he blows smoke so I cannot see
the smoke hurts my eyes
but better the smoke than the dream
if my eyes water it isn’t the same
as crying
I do not cry
I am a bunny in a hutch
the hutch is safe
but I want to be out
with the other bunnies

The dragon is in the fireplace
I see his glowing eyes
this time I cannot be afraid
he hears the dog howl too
if only I could howl along
there are no clues just riddles
the dog only wants to be home
I wish I could help him
but like me his home is long

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