Tuesday, 10 October 2017


I nail my hair to the floor
whisper through the strands

                do you hear me tonight?
                  shoot me a sign because
                    I lift you up
                        I lift you up
                   until you are the

                         I cast you              you take flight
                          into this 
                          deconstructing night
                         rain shining hammers
                                upon my head
                                    dead memories I
                                   scatter on your altar
  like lilies

 for you I know of fires
                           around my eyes they burn
                                they bring me here with
                               crooked fingers

                I shoot you higher
                count the nails tumbling from 
                   my hands
                                you forgot me      left me here
                     a thousand angels with tar-pitched wings
                                they drag me to this precipice
                                  call me fool to my face
                                     as you bury me like a stick
                              after you have broken off the buds
                                    but still I pray to you
                                 through the ravaged ends of
                                    my hair
the floorboards 
pity me